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Our Diamonds

People often draw diamonds parallel with love and eternity because of their pure beauty and impeccable brillance that can't be compared with anyhing else on earth. For an engagement, marriage, child birth, anniversary and birthday, diamonds are always the perfect gift. At Joyeria Kohinoor Jewellery, our jewels and diamonds are of top notch quality sold at a wholesale price, and a wide range of choices for you to express your deepest devotion to your loved ones.

Diamond Shape

When choosing a diamond, it's important that the shape of the diamond matches your style perfectly and looks beautiful on you. In all, there are 10 types of diamond shapes, from the classic Round, Emerald and Asscher cuts to fancy shapes like the Marquise, Heart and Pear.



The classic and the most popular shape of all. Its 57 facets bring out the most brilliance and sparkle of all the shapes.


A contemporary style diamond that is the second most popular shape. It is normally square or slightly rectangular in shape that comes in pointed corners and detailed facets that increase the diamond's sparkle.


The long and lean lines are always timeless. It has a higher clarity compared with other shapes with a relatively larger flat surface. Fewer facets, simple yet elegant.


Asscher-cut diamonds evoke the art deco feel from the 1920s and '30s. Often described as a square emerald, this striking diamond is gaining its popularity among diamond lovers.


It is the combination of both the geometrical lines of a emerald diamond and the sparkling brilliance of a round diamond. It's relatively scarce because of its trimmed corners – the signature characteristic of a radiant-cut diamond.


The larger facets and rounded corners of a cushion-cut or pillow-cut increase the diamond's brilliance. Looking soft and feeling romantic.

Marquise shape

This diamond has brilliant cut and tapered points at two ends and creates an elongated, slender look when worn as a ring. At the same carat weight, it appears larger than a round-cut diamond.

Pear shape

Looking like a tear drop, it combines the soft, rounded end of an oval shape with the sharp, tapered point of a marquise-cut diamond. The multi-facets diamond is simply glistening.

Oval shape

An elongated shape diamond that delivers a beautiful brilliance. When worn as as ring, the interesting twist it adds to the ring creates a slender look to your hand.

Heart shape

Heart shape diamond often symbolises your deepest love to your woman. It makes a beautiful choice for pendants in fancy colours while some people might select it for engagement ring too.


Joyeria Kohinoor Sdn Bhd

Joyeria Kohinoor Jewellery sell & buy fine diamond and gemstone jewellery in Malaysia. We custom made diamond, gold and gemstone design for wedding or gift by our manufacture team. We are the leading custom-made jeweller in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We buy your unwanted jewellery at high price.

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